Monroe County Schools rank top 20 in the state

A national school-ranking website,, ranks Monroe County Schools 19 out of 182 in Georgia, based off test scores

Monroe County Schools made a large leap in the Georgia school system rankings. In Kera Davis’ fourth grade classroom at Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary school, learning is fun. Like every teacher in Monroe County Schools, the district says Davis incorporates hands on learning. “It’s not just learning how to multiply anymore, it’s learning why we multiply, how it incorporates into your lives, and why they need to know it,” said Davis.

They say this style of learning helps students retain information better and apply it for tests. A national school-ranking website,, ranks the Monroe County School District 19 out of 182 in Georgia, based off test scores. They also rank first out of 24 in Central Georgia. This year Hubbard Elementary moved more than a 100 spots up from last year, ranking around 400 out of more than 1,200 elementary schools in Georgia. Superintendent Mike Hickman says they got here because of the teachers.

“The bottom line is you are as good as your teachers and we are just fortunate enough to have excellent teachers,” Hickman said. Davis’ class attributes their high ranking to teamwork. Students play their part to improve test scores together, so come test time, Davis says students are prepared. “So last year my fourth graders looked at me and said there wasn’t anything that we didn’t know on that test,” said Davis. Students, teachers and staff all work to improve test scores and continue to climb the rankings as a team.

Below are the schools in the local district from elementary to high school:

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